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Anyone for Myanmar, 9-16 May 2019?


Enjoy Teaching Chess Workshop at IPGKPT - Certificate in Chess for Teachers


Category Grading Tournaments

Why Category Grading?

Firstly, it's ideal for players starting out and looking to get valuable practice and experience without having to look at minor differences in rating which anyway greatly fluctuates with young players, and secondly, you get a benchmark with your peers at the same level and also a build-in incentive to get to the next level!

We are happy to support other like minded organisers in doing this and will kick this off this initiative by hosting a monthly series from February 2019.

Grading vs FIDE Rating

Category 5: 0000-1200
Category 4: 1200-1400
Category 3: 1400-1600
Category 2: 1600-1800
Category 1: 1800-2000

To advance to a higher category, three norms are required and can be obtained by winning a category tournament or through scoring 80% in category tournament in a minimum of seven rounds. 

Resuming Work as ACF Media Officer


Thomas Luther GM Master Class

NM Kamal Abdullah of Nobel Minds Academy introducing GM Thomas Luther to the twenty lucky participants of the Master Class on Chess Improvement which was co-organised together with the Institute for Chess Excellence. 

There were lectures, expert advice, interesting exercises to work on, and even a simultaneous exhibition. 

Dinner hosted by Datuk Mah Hassan, President of Persatuan Catur OKU Malaysia (PCOKUM). A very fruitful discussion for a collaboration with the FIDE Commission for the Disabled to provide expertise for capacity building in Malaysian and the region.

Weekly Class Schedule


1. Enjoy Chess
Between 6-10 Years of Age, From Beginner to FIDE Rated 1400
RM 200/Month

2. Young Talents
Between 10-13 Years of Age. Competitive Chess. FIDE Rated 1400-1800
RM 300/Month

3. Master Class / Category Grading Tournaments
FIDE Rated 1400-2200


1. Young Talents
Between 10-13 Years of Age. Competitive Chess. FIDE Rated 1200-1600
RM 300/Month

2. Future Stars
Between 13-17 Years of Age. FIDE Rated 1800-2200
RM 400/Month

Training in Bandung


FIDE Trainers' Commission