1st Thailand Pattaya Open Chess Championships 2018

The inaugural Thailand Pattaya Open Chess Championship took place from 20-31 October 2018 and what a success it was!

Links to my reports for ChessBase India are below:

https://www.chessbase.in/news/Pattaya-Open-2018 and https://www.chessbase.in/news/Tran-Tuan-Minh-is-the-winner-of-the-first-Thailand-Pattaya-Open-Chess-Championship-2018

With the interview with organisers also published in the Asian Chess Federation website:


Nothing but rave reviews from all present and best of all, it is confirmed that it will again take place from 18-27 October 2018. Book you dates now - I have and am certainly not missing it for anything.


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