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The Performance of the Malaysian Team at World Chess Olympiads

Malaysia at the World Chess Olympiad RankingUp/DownNotesBaku 2016134-64Worst ResultTromso 201472-8Istanbul 201264+28Khanty-Mansiysk 201092+4Dresden 200896-16Turin 200680-10Calvia 200470+5Bled 200275-11Istanbul 200064+10Elista 199874-10Yerevan 199664+32Moscow 199496-18Manila 199278-5Novi Sad 199073-15Thessaloniki 198858-16Dubai 198642+8Best ResultThessaloniki 198450+7Lucerne 198257-8La Valetta 198049+8Buenos Aires 197857

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The ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships, now approaching its third decade, has has been acknowledged to be the single most important catalyst for young talent development in the ASEAN region.
Practically every leading young star, most who are the top players in their countries today, got their first international exposure in this event and many grew over the years in intense but friendly rivalry and competition together!
In fact, many tasted their first success at the ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships.
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Back To My First Love!

The end of April 2017 saw my setting up the Institute for Chess Excellence at the request of the leadership of the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) to also serve as a National Chess Academy to facilitate much needed "education and training" for the local chess community.

Good or bad, just some three months later, in July, I also ended up as MCF Secretary, a post that I did not ask for or want, as I told MCF President Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin but reluctantly agreed to as "national service".

Of course, when I take on something, I put everything into it but as I have always reminded everyone, I serve only by appointment and/or as long as the MCF Council needs me and so by the first quarter of this year, not only was it impossible financially, but the job was interfering with what I really wanted to do and I was looking to exit.

MCF, like Malaysia, is in great need of structural change and that requires a paradigm shift in values and an end to vested interests we ha…