No Shame To Lose To Armenia

We were up against our strongest opposition to date and faced an Armenian team desperate to win big to have a chance of medals.

I was not sure what to make of tbe congratulations by some teams of our excellent performance till the eight round to be in 11th position and be playing amongst the top teams  because the other teams throughout that trailed us were happy to see us losing so they could leapfrog us in the standings!

The team did their best and till Tan Jun Ying miscalculated a tactical sequence in the endgame, we probably had two draws in hand and real possibilities to win one.

Earlier we had gone two games down, Lye Lik Zang's level having dropped a little in the last couple of games.

We have throughout been suffering a lot from Ng Jen Sheng's inability to play for the team and that had put a lot of pressure on the top two boards till Jun Ying was able to play himself into form.

Melanie Koo did her best but the level of competition we faced made it very tough for her.

These are young players and all three top boards had dips but Wong Yinn Long overcame that best and so had a standout performance leading from the front.

Well done!


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