MCF Media Statement on National Chess Academy

The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) is pleased to announce the setting up of its’ National Chess Academy – the Institute for Chess Excellence, which is an  initiative of MCF President Datuk Zahidi bin Zainul Abidin and the Development Committee he heads. The Academy is located in Puchong, Selangor and will be operational effective Thursday, 1st June 2017.
Several strategic development programmes have been identified by the Institute for Chess Excellence or ICE. Firstly, in July 2017 a National Junior Training Programme for Young Talents (U-9 and U-11), Future Stars (U-13) and Today’s Champions (U-19 and Women) will be started. Secondly, an International Masters series will be held quarterly together with monthly FIDE-rated tournaments and weekly Category Grading competitions to give chess players at all levels an opportunity to gain coveted international titles and national ratings.
Thirdly, from October 2017 – the Institute for Chess Excellence also plans to conduct chess education courses for officials, arbiters, and teachers for the award of National Chess Organiser and National Chess Teacher titles, which with approval from the Ministry of Higher Education, lead to the award of Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in Chess.
The Institute for Chess Excellence which is also part of the Asian Chess Federation Academy network, is headed by Mr. Peter Long, an International Arbiter and FIDE Master with over 35 years of international experience and excellence in all facets of the game.
Amirul Haji Mohamad Information Chief / Media Relations / MALAYSIAN CHESS FEDERATION (MCF) 31 May 2017


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