Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Institute for Chess Excellence Category Grading System & Weekly Tournament Series

First I grouped the players into five categories and mapped each against corresponding FIDE rating brackets.

Then I looked to assign each age-group to a category they needed to be to effectively participate in the National Junior Development Training Program.

Next, I determined the basis for promotion from one category to another based on measurable results through competitive play.

Finally, I came up with incentives and what I think is the right way to reward those who excel and are able to outperform their peer group.

But you might ask, how does this work?

Well, to start with, let's say a player who is relatively new to the game decides to take part and so starts with participating in a Category 5 which will also be his or her given grade.

Players with FIDE 1200 and below rating who wish to take part also play in Category 5.

In fact, all are immediately considered to be Category 5 and recognised as such with a Certificate confirming this grade and would be included in a player database.

However, if a player is able to score 60 percent in three such events, then he or she is promoted to Category 4 and from the onwards competes with players with the same grade and those between FIDE 1200-1500.

And so it goes until a player achieves Category 1 status.

If a player is in the National Junior Development Training Program and if he or she in competition outperforms his or her normal grade, then he or she will be entitled to a scholarship in the form of a discount on fees.

We will also be asking the Malaysian Chess Federation to recognise outstanding participants by giving them the right to play in International Youth Championships.

Internally, we will of course also give special attention and provide extra help!

Yes, we will start this off on Sunday 9 July! With registrations closed the day before and with the games starting exactly at the start time!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

National Junior Development Training Program To Start On 1 July 2017

69-2 & 69-3, Jalan Puteri 2/3, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong New Village, Selangor www.instituteforchessexcellence.org


The Institute for Chess Excellence seeks to develop and offer best of kind education and training programs to the chess communities in Malaysia and the region.

Our comprehensive range of offerings include supporting providers of lessons for beginners to conducting talent development programs to organising tournaments for all levels to the training of chess officials, organisers, arbiters and teachers.

We are a member of the Asian Chess Federation Academy Network and are also the Malaysian Chess Federation’s National Chess Academy.

The Institute for Chess Excellence is headed by Malaysia’s first FIDE Trainer, International Arbiter and FIDE Master Peter Long, who is an internationally recognised expert in chess, having been an organiser, arbiter, trainer and player at all levels of the game for over 40 years.


There is no questioning the available talent in Malaysia but at the same time there is also no doubt that generally they are not developing as they should.

One challenge is of course the opportunity to participate in the right type and level of competition but increasingly so it is the lack of access to high level systematic training.

“Chess lessons should not reduce merely to an expansion of knowledge – opening, middlegame or endgame, specific or more general.

There is another aspect of improvement, no less important than the assimilation of information – I am talking about skill in employing your knowledge, the ability to take correct decisions in a variety of situations, arising on the chess board.

Incidentally, the same conclusion was reached by Rowson in Chess for Zebras: ‘aspiring players should place much more emphasis on developing their skill then increasing their knowledge.’

This means that chess work should be less focused on ‘learning’ and more on ‘training’ and ‘practising’ whereby you force yourself to think.”

– Mark Dvoretsky

This too will be our approach – purposeful training – the method of deliberate practice which is well known from other spheres of life and especially in sport.

In our program we are looking develop three core groups, each of which requires special attention at their stage of development and which both separately and together are the future of Malaysian Chess.

Remember, the most important attribute for participation in this program is interest, and in time, capacity for work!

Local coaches (and even the visiting foreign players from the region) need not fear as we are not trying to offer general lessons or even opening preparation, but are instead looking to increasing the competitiveness of our best young prospects.

In short, we offer the tools, techniques, and methods while promising the hard work needed to excel on the international stage!

The above are the initial dates which have been proposed around Saturdays - with Young Talents from 1-5 p.m. and Future Stars and Today’s Champions from 6-10 p.m. - but we are flexible with the dates and also are agreeable for any change of timings needed to accommodate the majority.

On Sundays we are proposing to organise Category Grading Tournaments which will also provide valuable practice, plan to have a FIDE (International) Rated Tournament each month to provide international rating opportunities, and will be organising IM (International Master) Tournaments every quarter.

If you interested to participate in the National Junior Development Training Program, please email me at peterlong@aol.asia to book your place.

Thank you

Peter Long

Institute for Chess Excellence

Sunday, 4 June 2017

National Junior Development Training Program Preview


Final Standings of East Asian Juniors

 Sixth seeded Aron finished 10th with 5/9 while 17th seeded National Junior Champion Bernard was 18th with  3.5/9.

Fifth seeded Najiha finished third with 6/9 while fourth seeded Nabila was fifth with 5.5/9.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Setback For Malaysian Girls At East Asian Juniors


MCF Media Statement on National Chess Academy

The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) is pleased to announce the setting up of its’ National Chess Academy – the Institute for Chess Excellence, which is an  initiative of MCF President Datuk Zahidi bin Zainul Abidin and the Development Committee he heads. The Academy is located in Puchong, Selangor and will be operational effective Thursday, 1st June 2017.
Several strategic development programmes have been identified by the Institute for Chess Excellence or ICE. Firstly, in July 2017 a National Junior Training Programme for Young Talents (U-9 and U-11), Future Stars (U-13) and Today’s Champions (U-19 and Women) will be started. Secondly, an International Masters series will be held quarterly together with monthly FIDE-rated tournaments and weekly Category Grading competitions to give chess players at all levels an opportunity to gain coveted international titles and national ratings.
Thirdly, from October 2017 – the Institute for Chess Excellence also plans to conduct chess education courses for officials, arbiters, and teachers for the award of National Chess Organiser and National Chess Teacher titles, which with approval from the Ministry of Higher Education, lead to the award of Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in Chess.
The Institute for Chess Excellence which is also part of the Asian Chess Federation Academy network, is headed by Mr. Peter Long, an International Arbiter and FIDE Master with over 35 years of international experience and excellence in all facets of the game.
Amirul Haji Mohamad Information Chief / Media Relations AmirulHM@malaysiachess.com / amirulKLCA@gmail.com MALAYSIAN CHESS FEDERATION (MCF) 31 May 2017