My Complete JAPFA Selfie Collection

Chief Arbiter as King of the Tournament Hall and then Chief Arbiter on his Sofa Throne!

Chief Arbiter with His Deputy Arbiter.

Chief Arbiter with the "Money" Lady... (Don't Play Play!).

Chief Arbiter with the Tournament Director/Deputy Chief Arbiter.

Chief Arbiter is about to Interrogate a Visitor whom he thinks looks familiar.

Chief Arbiter has found a Young Player who does even worst Selfies than him.

Chief Arbiter is beginning to get his Selfie's right.

Chief Arbiter is, however finding that the Twins are much more expert. 

Chief Arbiter is impressed by all the Indonesian Selfie skills on Display. 

Chief Arbiter has found that Vietnam also not bad at Selfie.

Chief Arbiter has a Selfie lesson with a Professional

Chief Arbiter always remembers his Assistant Arbiters

Chief Arbiter has learned that in Indonesia, even those in PB PERCASI are Selfie Masters!


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