Dilwen Ding's Performance At The World Youth Championships

Let's look first at the bottom of the table. Our hero Dilwen with a 2397 rating started as the 16th seed and finished 58th after scoring 4/11. He performed at 1839 (which is usual for him outside of Hungary... and Serbia) but lost only 55.1 rating points thanks to having a K-factor of 10. 

Now looking at the top of the table, the gulf in class becomes clear. For Dilwen to play to his seeding he would have had to score 6.5/11 and that was a massive 2.5 points difference. 

Looks like Malaysia's recent sad run internationally by our men continues.


  1. Somehow this reeks of more than just a bad tournament, reminds me of Alexandru Crisan...

    1. Earlier this year: http://www.thefidetrainer.com/2016/06/dilwen-dings-performance-at-17th-asean.html

  2. At the start of the year: http://www.thefidetrainer.com/2016_01_01_archive.html


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