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Ramli Is Now MCF Treasurer?


I came upon this surprising announcement on the FIDE website... but then was even more surprised to see the following detail at the bottom of the "regulations":

Seems the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) President has so much time to answer email enquiries as to how payment is to be made for the seminar... or can it be perhaps that the email given is administered by someone else?
Why not just list the details of the MCF bank account?

Dilwen Ding Is Playing In Khanty-Mansiysk!


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FIDE Arbiter's Seminar in Mandalay, Myanmar from 28 October to 2 November 2016


The Results Of The Malaysian Olympiad Teams Over The Years

From Olimpbase I extracted the results from the "Open" Era where all the teams played together.


2016 - Baku, Azerbaijan - 134th from 180 teams
2014 - Tromso, Norway - 72nd from 172 teams
2012 - Istanbul, Turkey - 64th from 156 teams

2010 - Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia - 92nd from 148 teams
2008 - Dresden, Germany - 96th from 146 teams
2006 - Turin, Italy - 80th from 147 teams

2004 - Calvia, Spain - 70th from 128 teams
2002 - Bled, Yugoslavia - 75th from 134 teams
2000 - Istanbul, Turkey - 64th from 126 teams

1998 - Elista, Russia - 74th from 110 teams
1996 - Yerevan, Armenia - 64th from 114 teams
1994 - Moscow, Russia - 96th from 124 teams
1992 - Manila, Philippines - 78th from 102 teams
1990 - Novi Sad, Yugoslavia - 73rd from 108 teams
1988 - Thessaloniki, Greece - 58th from 107 teams
1986 - Dubai, UAE - 42nd from 108 teams

1984 - Thessaloniki, Greece - 50th from 88 teams
1982 - Lucern, Switzerland - 57th from 91 teams
1980 - La Valletta, Malta - 49th from 81 teams

Malaysia's Olympiad Team Ranking vs The Rest of Asia

Malaysian was ranked a historically lowly 134th from 180 teams in the world at the World Chess Olympiad held from 1-14 September in Baku, Azerbaijan, but how well did we do relative to the rest of Asia and our neighbours in ASEAN?

Asia Team Rankings

1st India
2nd China
3rd Iran
4th Kazakhstan
5th Australia
6th Uzbekistan
7th Vietnam
8th Qatar
9th Turkmenistan
10st Mongolia
11th Indonesia
12th Philippines
13th Singapore
14th Japan
15th Bangladesh
16th Kyrgyzstan
17th Tajikistan
18th UAE
19th Chinese Taipei
20th Iraq
21st New Zealand
22nd Pakistan
23rd Myanmar
24th Sri Lanka
25th Bahrain
26th Palestine
27th Lebanon
28th Mauritius
29th Saudi Arabia
30th Syria
31st Thailand
32nd Nepal
33rd South Korea
34th Kuwait
35th Oman
36th Macau
37th Malaysia
38th Afghanistan
39th Brunei
40th Guam
41st Hong Kong
42nd Maldives
43rd Fiji
44th Papua New Guinea
45th Palau

Yes, 37th from 45 teams. Now even behind the likes of  Chinese Taipei, Palestine, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Nepal. South Korea, Kuwait, …

Malay Mail Online: Malaysia's Performance At The World Chess Olympiad


No Surprise At The Worst Ever Performance By A Malaysian Team

I call them the backdoor boys - but they even dared to call themselves Olympians, the top five players in Malaysia and to talk about their fans!

Yes, it was the worst performance in living memory by a Malaysian team and in stark contrast to our superb girls who did fantastically well with the best Malaysian performance ever!

Only those who actually qualified to be in the team did well - congratulations is due to Sumant Subramaniam for a performance that earned him the FIDE Master title.

Not bad either for International Master Jimmy Liew who cleverly played down the order and proved at his age that even with an extended run he can still play at 2200 level.

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Shame On Both FIDE And AICF! This Is Really What Their Awards Are For


Great Photos of the Baku Olympiad Opening Ceremony - Thanks to David Llada

Azerbaijan Girls! Waiting for the start of the Opening Ceremony.
Singing the National Anthem of Azerbaijan - A Wonderful Vocal Performance!


Malay Mail Online: A Look At The Upcoming FIDE Congess