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AGM of the Singapore Chess Federation on 21st August 2016.
I have yet to receive a reply as to when I could inspect the relevant documents.
13th August 2016
The General Secretary
Singapore Chess Federation
Dear Sir
Re: SCF Annual General Meeting 2016
I write concerning two items on the Agenda:
2. President’s Annual Report for the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016.
3. The Audited Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016.
2. President’s Annual Report
2.11 It is stated that John Wong is the General Secretary (Acting) and that David Liu was appointed as Honorary Secretary. In the Financial Statements, Liu Dao Wei David was listed as the General Secretary. Please clarify.
2.12 Melvyn Yeo seems to be missing on the list of EXCO on the SCF website. Please clarify.
2.13 GM Zhang Zhong resigned as National Coach in June 2015. Should this not be included in the Report?
2.14 While “The SCF thanks Lisa for her services …”, is there any reason why the same was not accorded to Ms Angela Khegay who tendered her resignation.
2.24 Can EXCO inform/list the activities of the National Dream Team – with accompanying statement of accounts pertaining to the National Dream Team.
2.26 Liu Xiangyi topped the Open U19 (not U20).
2.28 We should congratulate Zhang Zhong (17th/83) and Li Ruofan (10th/57) on their results in the Asian Continental Championships. These competitions of the highest level in Asia.
2.33 In view of the outstanding results of Zhang Zhong and Li Ruofan at the Asia’s highest level competitions, how were Zhang Zhong and Ruofan being “out-voted” as Best Male/Female Player of the Year respectively? The description stated “Top … Player of the Year”. Similarly, why was the winner (Top) of the NAG U12 not awarded the Best Junior Male Player (Description: Top Male U12 Player of the Year). The explanation could be that Nisban Cyrus won the Asian Schools U11 and hence that result was better than being NAG U12 champion (TOP). How then does the EXCO explain on Zhang Zhong and Ruofan not being awarded the Top Male/Female awards?
2.4 Where can we find the Minutes of the EOGM. How can we can a copy of the Video/Audio recording? Is it not necessary to confirm the Minutes of the EOGM?
2.5 There were NO sanctions imposed on the SCF. The sanctions were only on Tony Tan and the SCF EXCO.
3. Audited Accounts
3.1 I am fully aware that more than $1million revenue/expenses were related to the hosting of the Asian Schools & Asean+ Age-Group Championships in Singapore and to which generated a surplus of about $70,000. These two events took place during the previous administration.
3.2 Nevertheless, at several previous AGMs, I supported and reiterated and the Annual General Meetings agreed that in future, Audited Accounts MUST be accompanied with a list of competitions with summary of accounts for each competition. This will help members understand the accounts better as most revenue/expenses are relating to competitions.
3.3 Please explain the amount for Overseas Competition Expenses – can we have the detailed breakdown for each event and names of the representatives.
3.4 Please explain the differences – Trainer Expenses, Training Expenses, HPE Event Expense.
3.5 Please explain Legal Fees – for what purpose(s) and the reasons and details of payments.
3.6 There was a Donation Income of only $48,041. What happened to the donation of $50,000 from Mr Tan Lian Ann for the main purpose of the National Dream Team Budget. The HPE of the previous EXCO prepared the Plan & Budget (approved by the EXCO) and I negotiated the donation from Mr Tan. Can EXCO please provide the list of activities and accounts for each activity as well as which players were involved.
3.7 Please explain the increase in the expenditure for logistics?
3.8 Please provide details under “Other Operating Expenses $421,704”.
3.9 Please provide a list with details of payments made to each EXCO member for various reasons … arbiter, training etc …
Please let me know when it is possible to inspect the relevant documents at the SCF.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully
Ignatius Leong
Life Member


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