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Malay Mail Online: Chess Competitions And Their Significance




The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) has for many years now a President in Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib who does not plays chess, and who might still actually do not know that Magnus Carlsen is the World Chess Champion!

In all his time, he has never given, let alone raised any money, always depending on a series of Deputy Presidents, one appointed but who eventually challenged him, another elected but who couldn't tolerate his behaviour, yet one more forced out through jealousy, all quitting MCF and chess, but with the current appointee, a fellow politician, remaining loyal.

His appointed but unpaid MCF Honorary Secretary Gregory Lau (who only keeps his position by ensuring Ramli's survival) makes a living through a rent seeking model that he has developed in collusion with equally needy individuals in MCF.

Lau does this by wielding enormous power over national selection, international participation, applications for World Chess Federation (FIDE) titles, and…

KL Chess Academy Triumphant at the Lion City Youth Cup!


1st - Ng Jun Fung, 3rd - Chai Chang Yik, and 6th - Woo Ka Wai. Others - Darshevintharam Manhokara & Chooi Yi Jien


1st - KL Chess Academy

Full Results:

Letter to SCF by Ignatius Leong on FaceBook!

AGM of the Singapore Chess Federation on 21st August 2016. I have yet to receive a reply as to when I could inspect the relevant documents. 13th August 2016 The General Secretary
Singapore Chess Federation Dear Sir Re: SCF Annual General Meeting 2016 I write concerning two items on the Agenda:
2. President’s Annual Report for the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016.
3. The Audited Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016. 2. President’s Annual Report 2.11 It is stated that John Wong is the General Secretary (Acting) and that David Liu was appointed as Honorary Secretary. In the Financial Statements, Liu Dao Wei David was listed as the General Secretary. Please clarify.
2.12 Melvyn Yeo seems to be missing on the list of EXCO on the SCF website. Please clarify.
2.13 GM Zhang Zhong resigned as National Coach in June 2015. Should this not be included in the Report?
2.14 While “The SCF thanks Lisa for her services …”, is there any reason why the same was not accorded to Ms Angela Khegay who t…

Team New Zealand's Home at the Baku World Chess Olympiad from 1-14 September 2016


Understandable... But A Waste Of Time


Malay Mail Online: High (Malaysian) Drama In Regional Chess Championships


It's Official! Motion to Impeach Ilyumzhinov


Malay Mail Online: The Critical Impact Of Having A National Junior Programme


August Auckland Chess Club Junior Rapid - Poison Pawn Grand Prix

The Auckland Chess Centre
Main Playing Area / Tournament Hall

Arbiter Team
Start of Play...
 Players Lounge / Analysis Area

Visit to the NZ Girls Inter Schools

Mount Albert Community Centre

Tournament Hall

The girl teams - primary, intermediate and secondary - in play
Checking the pairings
Lunch break
Analysis area
Free tuck shop
Break time!
Chief Arbiter Keong Ang and Chief Organiser William Li

Malay Mail Online: Entrenchment And The Politics Of Revenge