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10 Malaysians at the Commonwealth Championships

From the 180 participating from 9 countries, Malaysia has the third largest delegation with 10 players after hosts Sri Lanka with 120 and India with 33!
Not sure how they were selected - they are all juniors and some certainly do deserve their places - but the Malaysians are 23 Wong Yinn Loong, 26 Ng Jen Sheng, 40 Looi Xin Hao, 44 Dawson Tan, 56 Rosamund Koo, 58 Nithyalakhsmi Sivanesan, 89 Lee Zhi Wei, 94 Samuel Ngieng, 98 Wong Yi Chee,  and130 Vivian Ngieng.

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Smoke Without Fire?

The exchanges on social media between the past and present ECU Presidents are, as in typical FIDE fashion, as crude as ever:


My take on all this? Well, have you ever seen the FIDE President and his Personal Assistant flanking the Deputy President and publicising their "working" meeting in a resort setting on the FIDE website? 

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List of Captains/Trainers at the Olympiad

The FIDE Trainer's Commission has circulated to National Chess Federations a list of their registered Captains/Trainers to the World Chess Olympiad.

For many it is business as usual but there are a few surprises!

I have listed below those in our region as well as those in a few leading Asian countries (that caught my attention) but my understanding is that some Federations will be looking to add to and perhaps even to make changes later.

1. Australia
Open - Daryl Johansen
Women - Ian Rogers

2. Brunei
Open - Tair Vakhidov

3. China
Open - Xu Jun
Women - Yu Shaoteng

4. Chinese Taiper
Open - Dina Chen

5. Fiji
Open - Jashint Maharaj
Women - Morteza Mahjoob

6. Hong Kong
Open - Cheung Ka Hung
Women - Wing Lai Sai

7. India
Open - R. Ramesh
Women - Vishan Sareen

8. Indonesia
Open - Kristainus Liem
Women - Lisa Lumongdong

9. Iran
Open - Alexei Dreev
Women - Evgenij Miroshnichenko

10. Japan
Open - Mihajlo Stojanovic
Women - Reijin Hioshino

11. Macau
Open - Liang Zhihua

12. Malaysia
Open - Gre…

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Results of FIDE Arbiter Seminar in Pattaya, Thailand