EOGM at the Singapore Chess Federation!

Saw this posted on FaceBook and so went to the Singapore Chess Federation website for details (see http://www.singaporechess.org.sg/images/SCF__ACC_Matters/Notice_of_EOGM.pdf).

It's really quite an impressive list making up a huge majority of the local chess community there, both past and present, but no doubt the incumbents will now have organised fellow parents and their non chess playing friends to have a competitive vote bank!

Well, to my friends in Singapore (on both sides?), to each it's own!

For me it just shows what a pitiful lot those who want to take over the Malaysian Chess Federation are (and they have been trying for years now) because not only do they not have the courage to raise issues at EXCO meetings so as to cling on to positions and remain part of the problem, but they are not even able to even get organised to be able to requisition an EGM.

Looks like win or lose, at least those in Singapore chess, more "boleh"!


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