Thursday, 5 November 2015

Statistical Performance Review of Malaysians at WYCC 2015

U-8 Girls

Agnes Chong, 5/11
Unrated. Ranked 46th and finished 36th
1156 Performance Rating

U-8 Open

Joshua Ethan Chong, 6/11
Unrated. Ranked 80th and finished 53th
1382 Performance Rating

U-10 Girls

Sim Jia Ru, 5/11
Rated 1168. Ranked 68th and finished 62nd
1235 Performance Rating

U-10 Open

Care Greene Lee, 4.5/11
Rated 1323. Ranked 132nd and finished 138th
1378 Performance Rating

U-12 Girls

Chua Jia-Tien, 4.5/11
Rated 1577. Ranked 56th and finished 60th
1397 Performance Rating

U-12 Open

Tan Jun Ying, 6/11
Rated 2013. Ranked 50th and finished 76th
1839 Performance Rating

Cheah Kah Hoe, 4.5/11
Rated 1465. Ranked 164 and finished 160th
1464 Performance Rating

U-14 Girls

Melanie Koo, 4.5/11
Rated 1673. Ranked 72nd and finished 100th
1397 Performance Rating

U-14 Open

Ng Jen Sheng, 6/11
Rated 1884. Ranked 114th and finished 58th
2154 Performance Rating

U-16 Girls

Rosamund Koo, 5/11
Rated 1799. Ranked 62nd and finished 66th
1687 Performance Rating

U-16 Open

Egin Darrel Yap, 4.5/11
Rated 1990. Ranked 117nd and finished 112th
2060 Performance Rating

U-18 Girls

Camilia Johari, 5/11
Rated 1849. Ranked 57th and finished 45th
1990 Performance Rating

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