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KL Open 2015 Start Lists

I have published the KL Open Start Lists. The last chance to make any corrections is at the Technical Meeting at 6 p.m. on 29 August 2015 at Cititel Mid Valley where the drawing of lots and the pairings for Round One will also be done.


Final Lists for KL Open 2015

Entries are now closed even with late payment - I have uploaded the player lists to

See: (Open) and (U-16)

Players are requested to check their details especially FIDE ratings and let me know if their are any mistakes.

We use FIDE rapid rating first and if not available then the FIDE standard rating applies, otherwise the player will be considered unrated

Some obviously do not have FIDE IDs and a request to issue the same has been made to the MCF FIDE ratings officer.

There are some also without a national rating and we have also advised the the MCF national ratings officer of this.

Peter Long
Chief Arbiter

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KL Open Update

I got back from Korea the day after the KL Open 2015 entry closing deadline and yet it seems that entries are still coming in.

The funny thing about entries for tournaments is that many in the chess community (both local and international) seem to have so much difficulty filling up forms (or even providing the needed information) and to also make payment (but otherwise how is it an entry?).

Surely no one wants the mess too often seen at the start of even so called major events held locally when entries are still being accepted just before play begins?

I suppose why not if one is willing to accept getting walkovers in the first round or top seeds finding themselves forced paired against each other on top of waiting several hours beyond the scheduled start time for the pairings to be done? How often too that time controls are reduced and even some rounds cut?

Not if I am the Chief Arbiter.

Well, Bersih 4.0 planned for 29 and 30 August has certainly impacted the event but apparently not…

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World U-16 Youth Olympiad 2015

I just realised that the World Youth U-16 Olympiad starts today and found the official website

Seems that Malaysia is unrepresented... not a big surprise with so many already having just finished playing at the Asian Youth Championships from 3-11 August and the Malaysian Chess Festival from 18-28 September 2015 coming up.
As always MCF has no consistent policy on this event, no doubt Gregory did not manage to find a way to exploit the usual groups of suspects to make it worth his while this time around.
Because of a prior obligation in Korea (where I am writing this), I had to decline a rather attractive offer to coach at this event held in Ulaanbaator, Mongolia from 19-29 August but there is at least one Malaysian who will be there as an arbiter. 

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Final Standings for Malaysia At Asian Youth Championships 2015


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Report on Chessdom After Round Three


Report by Chessdom on Start of Asian Youth Chess Championships 2015


In Suwon... Arbiter, Now Also The Press Officer

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