The Malaysians Registered For The Asian Youth Championships

There will be Malaysians playing at the Asian Youth Championships to be held from 3-11 August 2015 in Suwon, Korea.

From the published official entry lists I see a total of eight, the usual suspects less a few regulars whom I suppose whose parents were concerned about the earlier MERS outbreak and had opted out but would no doubt show up at the World Youth Championships later this year.

Darrel Elgin Yap and Dawson Tan Soon Wei seeded 17th and 19th respectively from 25 participants.

Ng Jen Sheng seeded 11th from 25 participants.

Lye Lik Zang seeded 6th from 30 participants.

Wong Zi Yue seeded 13th from 32 participants.

Rosamund Koo Wei Sin seeded 13th from 23 participants.

Chua Kia Tien seeded 8th from 25 participants.

Agnes Chong Ka Ni seeded 13th from 28 participants.

I will be going too as an arbiter and will probably cover the event for Chessdom if I find it possible to do so as I have already agreed to try and find time to assist some players there (not just Malaysians).

Nothing wrong with some extra pocket money given the horrific drop in Malaysian Ringgit value!


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