The HPE Program is Taking Shape

I have been surprised by the enormous response for my Young Talent HPE (High Performance Excellence) Program - not only in KL but also Penang, of course Singapore too, and a few other countries I rather not mention at this point for fear I might be already committing to take on more than I can handle!

The feedback has however been invaluable and accordingly I have decided that I need to create three offerings within the HPE program framework:

1. My core offering of a series of workshops over 30 sessions designed around and leveraging major national and international events remains (see where the delivery and level of content will of course depend on the age, experience and strength of participants.

2. Concurrently with this core offering, I will now also be doing regular HPE Master Classes which some that have signed up for the HPE Workshops have asked for as they also want more regular immersive training sessions, while still others feel that type of training would serve them better. For this, I think that beside looking to partner for delivery, I will try and make it easy for those registering by allowing them to come as they please given the topic of the day might not always resonate and also for all the work required to be done during the session!

3. I also have quite a few individuals looking for help with a specific problem or area of improvement but more often the request is to be better prepared for an event and while I don't really want to make that my focus, if they are already in the program then I should help, and all the more so since I am intending to travel to many of the events that they would also be likely to look to participate in..

I will be starting off the HPE program for KL on the weekend of 25 and 26 July and with the expanded offering will be able to entertain new enquiries ( as well as accommodate changes from those already signed up.  


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