Time To Move On: From 1 July 2015 It Will Be All My Best For The Malaysian Chess As You All Choose It To Be!

26 May 2015

The Hon. Secretary
Kuala Lumpur Chess Association


Dear Amirul,

I hereby tender my resignation as KLCA President.

Regretfully I will not be able to see out my two year term and so apologise in advance for leaving after convincing so many to join the committee to support chess.

Hopefully the rest would want to continue and I understand fully if the decision is made instead to close down KLCA as I too find engaging so many in the local chess community, especially those interested in MCF, to be an absolute waste of time given we always had completely opposite agendas.

I have never been interested in chess office and as my formal retirement age comes closer it is time I followed my own chess priorities.

These are to work with a group of talented young players, facilitate the setting up of national development projects, and to visit and help friends in their events.  

Maybe KLCA if it continues would also want the first I can contribute a little, with Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific I certainly have the opportunity for the second, and for sure I am starting to seriously do the third now!

Best wishes!

Thank you



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