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The Curious Case of Dilwen Ding

With the receipt of an invitation from MCF to participate in the National Closed Championships we in KLCA have circulated the same to all council members for further dissemination.

Of course any interested party who is in KLCA or who is eligible and who wishes to be a member of KLCA can write in - our Hon. Secretary is Amirul Mohamad (E-mail: - and it is timely as we are also starting to expand our membership.

I have on my end begun to contact those highly ranked on either of both the FIDE and MCF rating lists who have played for KLCA in previous championships and one of them is Dilwen Ding.

Shireen, Dilwen's mother, said she would get back to me and then took the opportunity to update me on the progress of a former student at Polgar Chess Asia where his foundation was developed and where it was clear then that his big problem was lack of maturity and the strength of will to fight.

GM Alexander Fominyh had already informed me in Myanmar where both were playing …


The KL Chess Association met recently - amongst several matters we discussed the sad state of affairs with MCF where they still had no updates on their website (except one by MCF Council Member Yeap Joo Hock either sarcastically or dutifully but wrongly reporting on his President's title appointment) and more importantly the fact that we had not been informed of recent national events, something which is rather serious and probably which would be taken up by one of the several affected states as players had been deprived of the opportunity to participate.

Notwithstanding we are not political - only demanding that our rights as a member in good standing be fully respected - and in fact the council agreed that talking to the MCF Hon. Secretary was a waste of time as his words could not be relied on and so we would be writing instead reminding that we needed to be informed accordingly.

It could be the power of copying all or that even those who run MCF realise that they may have gon…

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