16th ASEAN+ Age Group Championships 2015

The 16th ASEAN+ Age Group Championships will be held from 8-17 June 2015 in Singapore.

Very good new indeed for our young chessplayers as it is being organised during the school holidays and right next door and apparently very affordable too.

So no need this time for a rebate to be given to parents even if pocketed instead by Gregory Lau on top of the administrative fees he charges and which I understand does not go direct into the MCF account (but even if it does it apparently still gets rerouted to the bank account of "his assistant").

I am confident that the arrears due to FIDE will be settled by then and our suspension lifted, after all it is not so much that there is an election AGM due in April (who actually cares?) but Malaysia's participation in youth events is together with the charging for local ratings done by Lim Tse Pin are both core services that should be free, and yet is the main business of these in MCF other than the periodic selling our vote for personal gain during FIDE election time.  

Hopefully we will this time not see the usual inconsistency with selection of players for the ASEAN+ and this is the only part of the sad story above I am concerned with as our young players should be encouraged and supported, not made the victims of the pettiness, business and politics we have too often now being seeing.   


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