Friday, 25 December 2015

Malaysians Title Norm Update at JAPFA 3rd ASEAN Championships After Round 5

Li Tian has come through a a day where he met two grandmasters and remains unbeaten with +2 when he needs  +1 to make his first International Master title norm. Of course he wins or finishes in a tie for first (up to three players), he then becomes Malaysia's International Master.


Nabila is also unbeaten and while a point behind the two leaders and half a point behind two others, she is still on track for a Woman International Master title norm.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Team Selfie Time!






In Jakarta for the JAPFA 3rd ASEAN Championships 2015

The Tournament Hall at SCUA (Sekolah Catur Utut Adianto) in Bekasi, Jakarta

Chess is a family affair... even amongst the VIP guests on formal occasions

National Anthems are however a serious matter

GM Utut Adianto giving the keynote address before opening the championships

All participants on stage for the obligatory group photo but this time with a big cheer!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Statistical Performance Review of Malaysians at WYCC 2015

U-8 Girls

Agnes Chong, 5/11
Unrated. Ranked 46th and finished 36th
1156 Performance Rating

U-8 Open

Joshua Ethan Chong, 6/11
Unrated. Ranked 80th and finished 53th
1382 Performance Rating

U-10 Girls

Sim Jia Ru, 5/11
Rated 1168. Ranked 68th and finished 62nd
1235 Performance Rating

U-10 Open

Care Greene Lee, 4.5/11
Rated 1323. Ranked 132nd and finished 138th
1378 Performance Rating

U-12 Girls

Chua Jia-Tien, 4.5/11
Rated 1577. Ranked 56th and finished 60th
1397 Performance Rating

U-12 Open

Tan Jun Ying, 6/11
Rated 2013. Ranked 50th and finished 76th
1839 Performance Rating

Cheah Kah Hoe, 4.5/11
Rated 1465. Ranked 164 and finished 160th
1464 Performance Rating

U-14 Girls

Melanie Koo, 4.5/11
Rated 1673. Ranked 72nd and finished 100th
1397 Performance Rating

U-14 Open

Ng Jen Sheng, 6/11
Rated 1884. Ranked 114th and finished 58th
2154 Performance Rating

U-16 Girls

Rosamund Koo, 5/11
Rated 1799. Ranked 62nd and finished 66th
1687 Performance Rating

U-16 Open

Egin Darrel Yap, 4.5/11
Rated 1990. Ranked 117nd and finished 112th
2060 Performance Rating

U-18 Girls

Camilia Johari, 5/11
Rated 1849. Ranked 57th and finished 45th
1990 Performance Rating

Girls U-8

Boys U-8

Girls U-10

Open U-10

Girls U-12

Open U-12

Girls U-14

Open U-14

Girls U-16

Open U-16

Girls U-18

WYCC Malaysians After Round 11 (Final)

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