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End of 2014... And Malaysia Is Now Officially Ranked 87th Going Into 2015

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My quick take is this is that our top three are all 2300 level players and that Nicholas and Yee Weng will continue to play when they can while Li Tian should at least maintain his position and ideally rise higher and higher should he want to remain our best prospect.
As to Aron, I am not sure he is better that his rating as yet,,, but if he continues like anything he has been doing that last few years then he is easily our most committed young player and everything would still then be possible.
The next three can be grouped together but also represent different generations! Of course Eric, Tze Han and Jonathan are all 2200 plus players as they have always performed at that level and strangely enough all from Penang!
Now 50, Eric is making a comeback of sorts (even if he has actually always been involved in playing chess) and he is showing is is the equal of anyone out of the top three in Malaysia while Tze H…

15th Bangkok Chess Club Open (Thailand Open) 2015

The only place to be from 12-19 April 2015 is the Dusit Thani in Pattaya Thailand. For all the details please go to

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Chessbase Coverage of Myanmar International Open 2014

The GM Zaw Win Lay Memorial Myanmar International Open Chess Championship 2014 received wonderful coverage from our chess media partners with timely periodic reports published by from Chessdom during actual play (not to mention numerous Facebook posts) and a week after the event it is time to sum up the articles in its three languages on Chessbase. 
Once the games are ready it will be on The Week in Chess as well as in the two premium print chess publications Chess Informant and New in Chess Magazine in their next issues! 

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GM Zaw Win Lay Memorial Final Report