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Special Treat from Mandalay

The "Bugs" arrived in time for the rest day - a very special treat for the 2600+ GMs

Tivakov Leads Myanmar Open After Six Rounds


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GM Zaw Win Lay Memorial Begins

Started with numerous interviews...

...also with local players

The Masters of Ceremonies got ready...

...then the VVIP makes his speech

All in a row...

...before making the Opening Moves!

Beyond Yangon...

I arrived early in Yangon for the GM Zaw Win Lay Memorial Myanmar International Open and was picked up at the airport by organiser Maung Maung Lwin, also the President of the Myanmar Chess Federation.

Dinner was a very nice Myanmar traditional meal before checking in at the Central Hotel and there was Sergei Tiviakov who had beaten me to get to Yangon by several hours and so after introductions a little late night drive to see the sights followed by drinks at a floating hotel down by the riverside was in order.

The next day with Tiviakov as a most agreeable sightseeing companion started with the obligatory and must see visit to the Shwedagon Pagoda, a massive complex in the heart of Yangon which easily ranks as one of the wonders of the world.

Even with the annual refurbishing ongoing it is always a pleasure to visit Shwedagon although it was a little more difficult than normal to get there with traffic in the city had now having reached Bangkok levels and this time around I also pop…

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Competing Events in the Philippines (and Elsewhere)?

The year end local school long holiday period is starting to get rather crowded for chess enthusiasts!

My readers will know that the Myanmar Open, now renamed the GM Zaw Win Lay Memorial International Open, will be from 23-30 November and will be followed by two international Opens in Malaysia.

Those are of course the Johor Open from 1-6 December and the Penang Open from 8-12 December .

However not too many might be aware that the Philippines has recently also announced two big international opens, Philippines Cup from 5-12 December and then the PSC Chairman's Cup from 14-21 December, back to back events in Quezon City that overlap with what we are having locally in the same time frame.

Of course the core audience is not the same, the real different being that the numerous Filipino professionals will be forced to choose between the easy pickings in Malaysia or the much stronger opposition to test themselves with back home together with hopes of even bigger prize winnings.

I have …

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No Transparency in MCF Rent Seeking

In my earlier post "All Must Go" I expressed my disgust with Tan Sri and gave specifics of my own experience with his boy Greg, also I said that the rest of the MCF Council was doing nothing and so had no business holding office.

Let me put it more bluntly to those in MCF: Get rid of Tan Sri and put an end to all this endless nonsense that is going on or accept that you allow it and so are part of the problem.

I was very involved in the ASEAN+ Age Group Championships in Macau earlier this year and in two distinct capacities, the first being responsible to coordinate and help organise the supporting events and the second, because many KLCA members were represented.

So it was no surprise that eventually a copy of the following email got sent to me, something that absolutely confirms and proves again that everything I say is true and yes, I also have official standing in this matter.

Dear Tan Sri & MCF Council Members
During the recent Malaysian Chess Festival, the Organizer…

Zaw Win Lay Myanmar International Open 2014 Update

Finally I have gotten the interim list of foreign players (paid up?) from the organisers and have uploaded to

Two Malaysians are going - Justin Ong and Dilwen Ding - I also understood Mok Tze Ming was also playing but his name is not on the list of players I received but who knows, he has a lot of business dealings there.

Unsurprisingly quite a few Thais will be there and surprisingly is the large number from Singapore.

Including Nguyen Doc Hua whose GM title was just confirmed by FIDE, there are now a total of 11 GMs (Two are 2600+) and over 50 rated players. Around another 50 unrated locals will swell the already impressive number of entries.

Asian Junior Championships to be in Tagaytay, Philippines in Two Weeks!

I just noticed the following email and doubt very much that our current National Junior Champions Fong Yit San (open winner) and Tan Li Ting (girls winner) have been told yet by the Malaysian Chess Federation.

Press Release

The Asian Chess Federation shall organize the Asian Juniors and Girls Championships from 28 November (arrival) to 5 December (departure) 2014 hosted by Tagaytay City, Philippines.

Entitled to participate are chess players from the federations in Zones 3.1 to 3.7 who shall not have reached the age of 20 by January 1st 2014.

Attached are the regulations.

The tournament was originally scheduled 21-29 November 2014 in Shandong,China which had to withdraw at this late date. FIDE Secretary General Abraham Tolentino graciously agreed to assist to ensure that this developmental junior competition is held within the year 2014.

Casto Abundo
Executive Director
Asian Chess Federation

A quick look at the FIDE website sees no front page announcement as yet to this "Press R…

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