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The Third Time Was As Unlucky!

Three old friends and candidates for FIDE General Secretary from Asia united in their love for chess had all in their time tried to remove "the Evil Emperor" so as to save FIDE! ( L-R: Panupand Vijjuprbha (Thailand) - General Secretary for Bessel Kok 2006, Ignatius Leong (Singapore) - General Secretary for Kasparov 2014) and Abdul Hamid Majid - (Malaysia) - General Secretary for Karpov 2010).

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Malay Mail Online: So Where Do You Get Your Chess News?


All Must Go!

In my column for the Malay Mail Online "A country (federation) with no chessplayers?" I had already pointed out that the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF), amongst other things, had no sponsors and a website that is has never been updated while also observing that it had a committee that served only to hold office for what ever personal reasons.

There has been a reaction on the ground to what was said but so far no tangible action resulting and while I don't expect anything to change, perhaps I should explain it in a different way.

What Malaysian chess is today can be argued to be a poorer reflection of what FIDE (World Chess Federation) is rapidly becoming, because on one hand we now have a rent seeking model in place and on the other hand the real stakeholders, parents and players, choose to tolerate a situation which all but ensures they will suffer.

Let me list the main problems:

1. Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib is the MCF President but has so little interest in the game …

Malay Mail Online: Looking Forward To Two Local International Opens In December


Two Big Losses to Chess

This year we had our own Laurence How pass away due to complications arising from a mercifully short battle with cancer ( and sadly now Evelyn Koshnitsky too has left us at 99 years of age.

Evelyn, Mrs K, as I and many others called her, had not been well the last few years but until the end she remained alert and engaged in the game she had literally lived her life for.

My connection to her was primarily on two special occasions and both involved Laurence!

The first was when Mrs K brought a team of girls for a tour of Malaysia, I think it was the late 70's and while this was a time when very few girls played chess so there was hardly any locally at all to match them and so we put up a National Junior Boys team which was anyway well beaten!

In 1985 I finally made the trip to Adelaide where Mrs K lived and so naturally led the organising of women's chess in Australia from there and this was for the Asian Girls Champ…

Malay Mail Online: No Gender Equality In Chess