Chess Asia

Dear Friends,
There is very little information to be found about chess in Asia and is especially glaring when one goes to global chess websites where besides a focus on the elite players and super tournaments, beyond World Chess Championships, the coverage is largely European.
Yet there is so much going on in Asia!
While it is true there is good information in some country websites even if they naturally focus on the achievements of their players and from time to time we see excellent stories and reports in many places, none of them offer a comprehensive picture of what is happening in Asia and certainly many wonderful events are under reported or completely missed.
In recent months I have personally seen an “Asia Rising” for chess so now is perhaps the time for change!
Of course our effort to develop a website to showcase chess in Asia might seem to be rather ambitious given the vastness of the continent together with the enormous variety of cultures and of course languages and of course to the extent that we can succeed with this dream ultimately depends on Asians themselves stepping forward to contribute but we are encouraged.
Chess Asia is for all of us who see ourselves as chess players who live in or come from Asia and are proud of it!
Peter Long
Managing Editor
1 July 2014


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