Malaysia at the 15th ASEAN+ Age Group Championships

The main Standard chess championships is over and Malaysia was arguably represented by the best we have and we have to be happy with the single Gold by Wong Yinn Long in Open U-12 standard, a result that hopefully will be the breakthrough expected from him for some time now.

Ismail Ahmad was our only other winner, with Silver in the 50 Seniors although if Hamid Majd had agreed to join Gregory Lau in participating we would have been assured of at least the Team Bronze.

Of the others, the closest was Tan Li Ting who was fourth after losing her last round game in Girls U-20.


  1. As predicted....malaysians failed to shine....they are not well prepared. preparation done by themself and parents. state association and MCF done NOTHING!!!!using players admin fee for their officials!!!MCF must wake up...pls throw unwanted members in MCF!!!No point having selection committee if every players are allowed to represent Malaysia if their parents willing to pay!!!

  2. As predicted....Malaysian players failed to shine...coz they are not well prepared...MCF and state associations done nothing...No point having selection committee in MCF if every single players are allowed to play and represent Malaysia if their parents willing to pay!!!!my both gilrs stop playing chess due to unstable and weak leadership in Malaysian chess. there will be no future in Malaysian chess if the state association and MCF to continue with current style of management!! MCF...pls stop using players admin fee for any overseas trips...pls try to get sponsors to support the players!!!No point few officials going to overseas to support the players welfare!!!parents taking care their childrens all yar long...spending thousands of own pocket money but...MCF offialcs having luxury life!!!my both girls stop playing chess due to weak and unreliable members in MCF and state associations...pls use wisely all the government funds...Kasparows funds aswell....


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