Conspiracy Theory?

I read with some disgust two letters published on the FIDE website addressed to the people behind organising the Tromso Olympaid (

How does one talk like that to a partner hosting one of the two events that FIDE essentially owes its very existence to?

Clearly it was all political motivated as it is clear that Norway support Garry Kasparov's bid to become FIDE President and if one wishes an organiser to walk away in disgust, then this is how! Whatever the situation and I know behind the scenes the ridiculous additional demands that FIDE makes post award of an event when it is too late too pull out.

Then it occurred to me - quite madly perhaps? - but maybe that was what Kirsan Ilyumhinov wants? To then "rescue it" by holding it in Khanty-Mansisyk, Russia.

Once sure outcome would be victory in the coming FIDE Election. Not because he did anything good but because there would be no chance of a fair vote there. In fact it is not even certain that Kasparov could go there and if I were a member of his team during that time I would fear for my life.

But I am sure Tromso2014 will not only take place but will also put up an excellent show!  


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