ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships, 3-12 June 2014, Macau

There will be 39 Malaysians - pretty much the usual suspects - participating in the coming ASEAN+ Age-Group Chess Championships to be held in Macau from 3-12 June 2014.

Officially they are:


Amirul Amir Faiz
Megat Mohd Khushari Megat Imran
Ooi Zhi Ping
Zulkippli Iskandar Haikal

Lye Lik Zang
Cheah Kah Hoe
Muhammad Haziman Aiman
Thanasegeren Dinessh Kumar
Wong Zi Yue

Wong Yinn Long
Tan Jun Ying
Chan Yi Meng Ryan
Saleh Fahim Al-Faqeh
Aminuddin Muhd Faqih
Raja Badli Raja Bazil Bot

Koh Sian Kuan Bausch
Ng Jen Sheng
Loo Hsein Rong Evan
Mohd Ismail Muhd Azim

Ding Tze How Dilwen
Sivanesan Subramaniam
Ong Wei Bin
Lim Ming Xian

Liew Ken Yew
Ngieng Chew Sheng Samuel


Ho Wern Wei

Goh Jie Yi
Aminuddin Nur Faiqah
Raja Badli Raja Bazilah Bot

Chuan Jia-Tien
Amirul Amira Farhana
Nurul Farhana H Shuhaimi
Yasmin Idina Zulkippli

Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan

Koo Wei Xin Rosamund

Tan Li Ting
Azhar Puteri Rifqah Fahada
Johari Camilia


Ismail Ahmad

After several years I will be attending, in fact I will be officially covering the event for the organisers with reports and stories at, which is also accessible via a link on the front page of the official website.

For sometime now I have neglected the photography side, taking just the minimal photos required, but this time I hope to seriously use the capabilities of my cameras! 


  1. You have great cameras, use them!

  2. what a shame....players in NAG 2014 position no:28 can represent Msia!!!! MCF just interested to make money.... admin fee rm200 frm each matter whether they are strong or weak players...MCF...pls cancel NAG 2015!!!

  3. It's an open tournament anyone can enter.

  4. Hi Jimmy,

    Not exactly, official FIDE events need endorsement of respective National Chess Federations, in our case, MCF.

    I am not sure the issue in the post published by 'angelz shaeera' is about - maybe frustrated that MCF has also allowed some players who did not qualify via NAG while others were excluded? Or that at the end of the day MCF has allowed anyone willing to pay to take part.

    My recommendation when I was in MCF was to designate specific and regionally accessible youth events as developmental and let anyone meeting some minimum criteria to take part but to send only those slowing extra class to a significantly stronger event where a objective is clearly stated be it a top ten finish or even to get measurable exposure.

    I am sure MCF has their reasons even if one probably one could argue the rationale and almost certainly the consistency in the decision making.

  5. hi peter...thx for your kind understanding.
    MCF are really interested in money. You pay, You go policy. even though i got to know there are many criteria to represent the end the conclusion are....anyone can go....based on the list of the criteria's...FUNNY.
    If MCF's criteria put the NR as a ceiling to represent Msia...why want to organize NAG?
    Is it to make money? MCF=Msia Chess Finance?Pls MCF....Pls change for future childrens...our days are gone.Think ahead. Pls rid off those cant contribute in MCF!!! 99% are sleeping in MCF..only tse pin,greg or haslindah doing their good job...d rest? holding titles for attending FIDE president's dinner? u say..we should have developement plan and programme.
    What has MCF done so far on this matter?
    MCF...pls UBAH!!!!!

  6. We should be fair. The ones you praise are the more visible - they get paid to do the organising work - and in fact they as the "chess experts" in MCF decide many of the things you are unhappy about.

    I know for a fact that Tengku even if new and a very busy guy has and continues to put enormous time and has also found a lot of sponsorship.

    But there are many others who are clearly 'under performing' and hopefully they step up.


  7. "I know for a fact that Tengku even if new and a very busy guy has and continues to put enormous time and has also found a lot of sponsorship."
    Sponsorship for whom and what ya? we cant see any programes or development plan done from the sponsorship so far!!! No sponsorship for the qualified players to represent Malaysia does all the money goes!!! need SPRM to verify? The whole bunch of MCF officials must step down if malaysia want to progress and move forward in Chess. Its proven in malaysian sports that politicians cant lead a sports must MCF have a politicians as a president?


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