Countdown to KL Open

We are practically ready to go now, various organising details are now bringing firmed up and the technical team has also now been confirmed and since there is a very limited budget I will have to be the Chief Arbiter, and in return for IO and FA title norms respectively, but also without pay are Amiriul Mohamad as the Tournament Director and Cheong Kok Love serving as a self sponsored Deputy Chief Arbiter!

In what is likely to be the last KL Open (at least not on this scale in the foreseeable future), even without any serious effort to promote the event internationally and with minimal local publicity, the breakdown of participation is as follows:

18 GMs and 18 IMs, 44 titled players, 81 from 86 rated, 20 countries.

The Malaysians include our new National champion and current National Junior champion Fong Yit San, also our first IM Jimmy Liew, nationally third ranked Yeoh Li Tian and National Junior Girls Champion Tan Li Ting.

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