Playing at the National Day Rapid in Brunei

Receiving the first prize at the 30th National Day Chess Festival Rapid... 8/9 with two draws. In second place on 7/9 was their No. 1, FM Yee Soon Wai whom I defeated in a tense round 4 before dropping my first draw.

So while it looks like while I am unlikely to get the opportunity to activate my standard rating, I will probably be getting a FIDE Rapid rating soon!

Of course you need some luck, I benefited from someone's phone going off during the first game on the second day and was completely lost in the very next game after mixing up the moves in an ancient opening that I choose to essay. (My last draw was a formality when my young opponent preferred to offer a draw in the last round when I had already won the event).

The opening moves being made by Hj Zainal Abidin, Brunei Chess Federation President... he played 1.e4 and I won and so was stuck with that move throughout!

As always it was a great break from work and to be in Brunei amongst so many very good friends in the Brunei Chess Federation where their wonderful hospitality cannot be matched is something I always treasure and may I never ever outstay my welcome there!


  1. You still have it. Unlike the mad fool that don't play but claim you cannot play.

  2. Stupid perhaps? Because I know no one who has ever said I could not play chess!


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