FIDE Ratings - MAS - January 2014

Sensibly deciding to have a quiet evening at home on New Years Eve, I just noticed that FIDE has published the FIDE Rating Lists for January 2014.

Thanks to their participation in Asian Cities, we already know that our current No. 1 Nicholas Chan has now been back as an active player while young No. 3 Yeoh Li Tian took the opportunity to get past 2300!

Sandwiched between them is No 2. Mas Hafizulhelmi who braved India and returned with 10 points less.

Masters champion Lim Yee Weng (No. 4) has no rated events since winning while his fellow national team members Ronnie Lim (No. 5) and Ng Tze Han (No. 7) have played both the Malaysian Open and Penang Open.

After enjoying an almost uninterrupted series of good results and often commendable performances, young National champion Aron Teh had his first (small) ratings set back at the World Youth Championship but remains No. 8 ahead of veteran Jimmy Liew on No. 9.

By virtue of participation, respectively, Jonathan Chuah (No. 6) in the Malaysian Open, and Marcus Chan (No. 10) in the Penang Open, their ratings have also been activated.

I have kept to the top 10 as it is not that our amateurs have such high ratings and also very conveniently it cuts off as 2200+ so my apologies to several of our best young players like Lim Zhouren, Fong Yit San and Wong Jianwen, all who if remember correctly are also part of the current national team.

I have of course no forgotten our women, Tan Li Ting still at No. 1 despite also braving India and with Nur Nabila Azman Hisham a close No. 2.

Fong Mi Yen who plays only occasionally is No. 3. and it the last of our 1900 girls.

Their fellow national team members Nur Najiha Azman Hisham, Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar and Masters champion Camilia Johari are Nos. 4, 5 and 6.

No. 7, Lee Yin Lee was our best player at the Summer Universaide while in No. 8 is Renitha Naravanan.

Why top 8 and not top 10? Well, our women's ratings are pretty low and to look lower than 1800 I think would make it an even worst exercise.

For example, a couple of years back our girls were competing (although admittedly a little worst) against their counterparts in the region but the likes of WGM Medina Warda Aulia, WIM Chelsie Monica Shite and WFM Dewi Citra are now 2300+, 2200+ and 2100+ (see and it is the same if we wish to compare with Vietnam (see while the even girls that would represent the Philippines in the same age groups would be 2000+ (see


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