Young Aron Teh, Camelia Johari Leads After Five Rounds

After the third day of play, 14 year old Aron Teh has taken the lead with a stunning upset of a clearly out of sorts Mas Hafizulhelmi and now has 4/5.

In joint second and third places together with Mas is the also unbeaten Lim Yee Weng with 3.5/5.

Wong Jianwen has seemed to have curbed his aggression and is learning to making draws now, the benefits perhaps which can be seen from being in fourth place with 3/5 while Lim Zhouren is not trying to win every game too after failing to convert against Aron and then blundering badly against Fong Yit San.

As a result Zhouren is on 2.5/5, a 50% score, the same as Ng Tze Han, and half a point better than Yit San who clearly still has all to play for.

Defending champion Roshan is paying the price for a year of inactivity and has carried his indifferent play over from the Selangor Open and the ASEAN+ Age Groups but has showed glimpses of his talent and today would have been a good day for him after starting with three losses as he has now scored 1.5/2.

Top seeded Dr Ronnie Lim also started the event trying to win every game but it was only in the fifth round that he recorded a win and with three losses to date and four rounds to go his chances are very slim indeed.

Camilia Johari has led from the first round and on 4/5 is in the drivers seat. However, even with two rounds to go Nur Nabila Azman Hisham on 3.5/5 cannot be counted out.

On 3/5 both Fong Mi Yen and Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar still have a good chance, especially the latter who is really on 4/6 as she has not yet gotten the bye and so her remaining game with Camilia will be essentially the decider.

Tan Li Ting who is in fifth with 2.5/5 is also going to get a bye so is really 3.5/6 but her fellow Istanbul Olympiad team mate Nur Najiha must be shocked to be on just 2/5 and without a win.


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