Before the Last Round....

Malaysia's hopes to end the 13th BCC Open with a bang lie with Mas Hafizulhelmi and Yeoh Li Tian, both on 5.5/8 (the same as defending champion Nigel Short).

Both have tough matches but I am confident they can at least draw against their higher rated opponents.

Wong Jianwen is a point behind on 4.5/8 which is a result around his rating and he has a chance tomorrow to exceed his expected score even if his challenge in terms of opposition is perhaps not is much different from that of Mas and Li Tian!

Ismail Ahmad, Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli. Fong Yit Ho and Ahmad Fadzil Nayan are all on 4/8 and all have a chance to remain at least on 50% with Ahmad Fadzil having the best chance to take home the full point.

Fong Yit San started the 13th BCC Open with a great deal of confidence and high expectations for himself and will be disappointed to only have 3.5/8 at this stage but there is no doubt he will get to 4.5/9 and perhaps even do better than some in the group of Malaysians ahead of him.

Tan Jun Ying and Ryan Chan, two 10 year old friends and team mates from Penang are on 2.5/8 and will benefit from the quality of opposition they have faced in making further progress.

Let's not forget Sri Shiva Kumar on 2/8 who played well but not managed to keep the level through a game.

Pairing and results are at www, and live games are on tomorrow from 9 a.m. Thailand time (+7 GMT) on


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