Exciting Times - As Usual! - At The Selangor Open

The Selangor Open has always had a special place in Malaysian chess - in fact as a kid I cut my teeth on it and have even been a winner (although I can't remember when or how long ago!).

Over the years there have been many great battles and of course also upsets galore, so I am not the least surprised at what has been going on this year even if some would like to read a little too much into it (why not, chess players are optimistic by nature, parents will be parents, and Malaysians are particularly quick to congratulate themselves).

The main question going into the last two rounds is whether Wong Jianwen can hold on to the lead and I am sure we all wish the young man to succeed.

Roshan Singh who has not worked at chess since the World Youth Championship and Jimmy Liew who like our latest National Master is also obviously preparing for the Malaysian Masters in June are both looking to get into some form and their eighth round encounter will be of interest to many.

Nur Najiha and Nur Nabila Azman Hisham have been giving the boys a run for the money in every game and  once again they will face serious competition without fear!

Finally, congratulations to the Chess Association of Selangor and especially its President and Secretary for doing such a good job including being constantly there to make sure everything runs well and I must also state my admiration to the many chess mummies that are there. day in and out, for their children!  


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