Dato' Sri Dr. Edmund Santhara - Independent MP for Hulu Selangor

It is time to put petty and often selfish chess politics aside and for the chess community to come together and support one of our own for full and direct representation in government! Go and friend Dato's Sri Dr. Edmund Santhara on Twitter @EdmundSanthara.

This is the reason why Dato' Sri Dr Edmund Santhara is in chess as he believes our beloved game is one such channel as its many positives boasts both strategic and analytical thinking.

You know how to contact him to offer help and I can of course also facilitate as needed.

Also, do see this link http://thebrightside-jenn.blogspot.com/2012/04/eagles.html for his personal story which you will perhaps find to be inspirational but surely informative as it tells the man's story!


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