BCC Open 2013, Pattaya, Thailand, 14-21 April 2013

The Bangkok Chess Club is now in its 13th year of organising an International Open Tournament that simply keeps growing and growing and setting new standards in the region!

While one might say that the sun and sand and various charms of Thailand help, it is clear that the main force is International Organiser Kai Tuorila and he is well supported by as enthusiastic and as supportive a bunch of members as anyone could hope for.

Finally after letting him down a couple of times, I will be travelling up north to help out - and I just found out that Mok Tze Meng will also be there, not as one of the 11 Malaysians registered so far in the Open (and certainly not one of the 6 registered for the Challengers) but because he has offered his services as an arbiter in return for a room. (I wonder if he is doing business or has students there?)

Knowing Kai I will have a lot to do and of course I have also agreed to assist in media coverage but I am looking forward to spending some time with the Malaysians who have long told me they are going like Ismail Ahmad whose kids are in the Challengers and Tan Eng Seong who has gone further to play with his kids in the Challengers! I will of course also be happy to assist any young players there to the best of my ability while there, subject to any time and energy remaining!

Malaysia's challenge will be led by Mas Hafizulhelmi and Yeoh Li Tian but we can perhaps hope for good things too from Wong Jianwen and Fong Yit San who are now almost veterans in their own right.

Do look up the details for yourself at  http://chess-results.com/tnr94564.aspx?lan=1


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