The Qualifers from the Asian 3.3 Zone Championships

The Asian Zone 3.3 Championships ended in a huge success for Vietnam as Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son and Nguyen Thanh Thi An were the respective winners of the Open and the Woman sections.

But it was also a big success for hosts Philippines with Wesley So finishing second in the Open and taking the other World Cup qualifying spot and 16 year old Bernadette Galas the sensation of the tournament with giant killing feats earning her the Woman International Master title in sharing second to fourth places with Indonesia;s Medina Warda Aulia and Pham Le Thao Nguyen.

Our young representative in 13 year old Yeoh Li Tian acquitted himself well, playing to his rating in a strong field of seasoned professionals and won many admirers. In the last two years Li Tian has made a name for himself in the region and so all his opponents came well prepared as they rightly took him very seriously indeed and while it is almost impossible to keep up with his analytical ability, I have also noticed some weaknesses but this will remain for private consumption.    

Those inetrested would know that I have been covering the event at and all details are at


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