Silly Season

I understand that MCF will be holding their elections at its coming Annual General Meeting and both I and KLCA will of course support everyone interested in holding office!

After all it is a thankless job in the service of others.

Strategies and plans for national development have to be made, communicated internally and externally while being promoted to media together with implementation, individually and collectively large amounts of time and effort need to be contributed for the real gritty on the ground work of such as liaison and coordination of activities with national players and member state affiliates, the various other national and international organisations, organising of major events, etc., and most importantly, for the funds to be found!

Then there is the handling of the various necessary administrative matters pertinent to the running of a national sports organisation that is both a critical and a big responsibility, currently unpaid, and without  hope of recognition or appreciation, let alone reward!

With so many incumbents, most having held positions in MCF in one capacity or another for so long, I would not be surprised if many (or even all?) have finally decided to move on but if others wish to step up and offer their services I hope they will be able to quantify what that actually that is before seeking office is as everyone is equally qualified to talk, attend meetings, be "an expert" and accompany national teams abroad.

I salute those, new or old, who would, as in the motto of my old college, be ready and prepared to "Serve to Lead"!


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