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WYCC 2012 - The Final Results

As expected, the best performances have come from the youngest where in the starting stages of chess pure talent rules and so even a small chess country like Malaysia is able to compete so big congratulations are in order for Under 8's Goh Jie Yi and Lye Lik Zang with a hope that in two years time they can maintain these results.

Our relatively large talented group playing in the Under 10 also did well but other than 9 year old Tan Jun Ying, they will all have to compete as Under 12's next year and so will know that it will be challenge to keep progressing in terms of results as can be seen from the performances from those participating in that category this time around.

Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan in the Under 12 and Nur Najiha Azman Hisham and Camila Johari in the Under 14 played much to  their ranking and so have not lost ground and that can also be said for 15 year old Under 16 representative Roshan Ajeet Singh and 16 year old Under 18 representative Elgin Lee Kah Meng but th…

Before the Final Round

I wish all our young players playing in the WYCC 2012 all the best in the final round of a long and very demanding event... they have all done the best they could under various circumstances that even I who am here can only venture to guess at.

They are some of the best young talent we have and all are playing very much to or above their initial ranking, and as we all know, last rounds are very much the luck of the draw affairs!

For a perspective on expected performances at various age groups, see my earlier post by clicking here

Silly Season

I understand that MCF will be holding their elections at its coming Annual General Meeting and both I and KLCA will of course support everyone interested in holding office!

After all it is a thankless job in the service of others.

Strategies and plans for national development have to be made, communicated internally and externally while being promoted to media together with implementation, individually and collectively large amounts of time and effort need to be contributed for the real gritty on the ground work of such as liaison and coordination of activities with national players and member state affiliates, the various other national and international organisations, organising of major events, etc., and most importantly, for the funds to be found!

Then there is the handling of the various necessary administrative matters pertinent to the running of a national sports organisation that is both a critical and a big responsibility, currently unpaid, and without  hope of recognition o…

At the Halfway Mark

A snapshot of the results of the Malaysians in Round 6. There are a total of 11 rounds in the WYCC 2012 so this is the halfway point. (For full details, see the official website at and the results and pairings at

Summary of scores to date:

5/6. Goh Jie Yi
4.5/6. Lye Lik Zang
4/6. Tan Jun Ying, Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan
3.5/6. Azman Hisham Nur Nabila
3/6. Camila Johari, Azman Hisham Nur Najiha, Chua Jia-Tien, Tan Yong Zhao, William Lee Kah Howe, Wong Yinn Long, Ajeet Singh Roshan
2.5/6. Lee Kah Meng Elgin, Chan Yi Ming Ryan
2/6. Kah Teng Benjamin Lee

Some Impressions and Lessons of WYCC 2012

From yesterday, after the end of Round 3, the WYCC 2012 organisers have started sending us bulletins together with a file of 96 selected games and we are now getting bits and pieces of Round 4 even as Round 5 started this morning. With two games today before the rest day tomorrow it is certainly going to be a story of catch-up for them and I certainly don't envy those doing this work!

As an organiser myself, albeit on much smaller scales,I am loath to criticise as I know something about the very real challenges - it is easy to talk but not quite so easy to do! - and I will say that to their credit, which each passing day it is clear that efforts are being made which are resulting in welcome improvements.

From my good friend Vijay Kumar I have now managed, as can be seen, to get a photo of play in Round 3 and it is clear that conditions in this multi-purpose hall at the Dras Centre are a bit tight indeed other than at the top boards. He has also provided this link to the official …

First Few Days in Maribor

The Malaysian group to the World Youth Chess Championships traveled to Maribor, Slovenia from Penang and Kuala Lumpur via Singapore, Munich and Graz where we were met by the organisers and taken some 38 kilometers by bus over the border to our hotel.

It was a very easy and pleasant trip overnight on Singapore Airlines and our hotel is the excellent Mlada Lipa which is a 20 minutes walk from the two tournament venues some 3.5 kilometers from the city centre.

No baggage was lost, the hotel check in went smoothly as did the accreditation process.

Maribor is a small town of some 100,000 people in a country with a total population of just 2,000,000 but is also the European Capital for Culture for 2012 and therefore very well set-up for tourism - for example our ID tags give us unlimited travel on a very good public transportation system and there are information points staffed by multilingual volunteers throughout a city that is a pleasure to walk about.

We have settled into a routine wit…

Head of Delegation?

Today I officially agreed to be the Head of Delegation (HoD) for the Malaysian team of 15 players + 17 accompanying going to the World Youth Chess Championships.

Frankly this is a responsibility I have no interest in - especially since my first and foremost obligation is to work with our young National Champion whose parents are paying for me to go - but as always, once I accept, I will do my best (and professionally too!) and I think all saw that at the Istanbul World Chess Olympiad.

The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) of course understands that I am only agreeing to this in the absence of options available to them as this point due to various circumstances and I hope those going will also understand that I while I am experienced in these matters, on the details and in this very short time, I too am going to be learning!

My role as I see it will be primarily to be the first point of contact between the Malaysian delegation and the organisers while we are in Slovenia, with my first …