Enjoying the Rest Day in Bogor

On the rest day of the ongoing Indonesia Open Chess Championshp (IOCC) 2012 being played in Jakarta, many players took advantage of the excursion planned by the organisers to nearby Bogor to visit the Presidential Palace and Botantical Gardens.

As it was so aptly put when everyone assembled on the hotel lobby to depart: "Today is a holiday, tomorrow we fight again!".

I don't know about the players but it was a welcome break after two successive days with double rounds and one more double round to follow the next day! From my experience coaching our Woman Olympiad Team, it is much better to be a player and I can certainly say the same once again now that I am experiencing being part of the huge team here that churns out the media component of a big event!

For happenings at IOCC 2012, do visit the incredibly informative official website hosted at www.indonesiaopen.chessdom.com. It has regularly updated reports, numerous interviews with participants, of course the results and pairings, links to various live feeds and even the games in PGN and bulletins you can download.


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