Photos from the Istanbul Olympiad 2012

Our girls had a very pleasant surprise before the start when they were able to meet World Champion Grandmaster Susan Polgar.

A day later our junior boys arrived to play in the U-16 Youth Olympiad with Cheong Jie Yao making his international debut on board 1!

Yeoh  Li Tian is often online with his computer enhanced father who not only follows his games but provides detailed analysis daily!

Camilia Johari in training using a full range of electronic devices. But why is she laughing?

Computers are an essential tool for chessplayers for databases (but the players also have tons of books in their luggage and rooms).

Daily training session - mainly pre-game preparation - where all parts of FIDE Delegate Gregory Lau's room is utilised.

Our men in the tournament hall before a match. Organisers are very strict about only those playing being allowed in and although Jimmy is the captain that badge was being held by Head of Delegation Haslindah Ruslan.

Never mind Jimmy, we have you together with the rest of the team out about in town on the rest day!

Lucky kid! Yeoh Li Tian got personal encouragement by his idol Super Grandmaster Levon Aronian before breaking a terrible run of losses. Olympiad competition is a serious matter!


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