Elgin Lee wins first Saturday Budapest August!


World Youth U-16 Olympiad bound Elgin Lee won the FM A-1 Group with 9.5/11, a whopping 2 points clear of the second placed participant and in doing so also gained some 60 rating points.

Elgin had won nine games in a row and was already champion when he lost his tenth game and then drew the last round, perhaps more a consequence of getting his exam results although having already won and having a rest day must have contributed!

It is indeed a great success as Malaysians rarely win an international tournament at senior level.

Young siblings William also did credibly, getting 4/10 in a double round robin and around 12 rating points in FM A-2 while Benjamin scored 4/9 to achieve an estimated initial rating of 1633.

See the following link for more details : http://www.fide.com/component/content/article/4-tournaments/6396-olympic-players-in-first-saturday-budapest-august-events.html


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