DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah International Open 2012 Update


With a month to go I am overwhelmed by the response to the DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah International Open 2012 – despite only having 80 places we are oversubscribed and despite my best efforts to discourage too many GMs from playing (given we have only 20 prizes and with just 10 worth talking about), I already have fifteen of them!

Best is that we will have two 2600+ players for the first time.

On overall participation, Indonesia has already informed me earlier that many of their players would be obligated to play in their national games held during the same period but I still have a decent representation and the extra large Filipino delegation and very good turnout from my friends from Vietnam has more than made up!

Brunei has yet to confirm the names of their representatives but we have our first serious players from Thailand, a number of expats there will be making the short flight, and of course the Uzbekistan connection remains strong.

I am very grateful for all this support - the GMs, National Chess Federations, and of course our faithful friends.

What I am a bit surprised at is the complete lack of interest from Singapore – I know their chess is going through a bit of transition with a ‘golden’ generation having largely moved on – so maybe their young players find the numerous international youth events being organised today more than sufficient but I also feel that a big contributor (not just Singapore but for all young players in many regional more developed countries generally speaking) is that there is no longer clarity in terms of objectives for young talent, let along alignment amongst the various stakeholders.

Despite many of our top players being amateurs and again being unavailable especially with the Istanbul Olympiad ending a week before, I have a very decent and representative turnout from Malaysians.

See www.klchess.com for more details as they become available.


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