Statement of Handjojo Limono


This is posted at the request of an old and good friend Handjojo Limono and I have no personal or professional interest in the matter, in 2009 having severed all ties with Ignatius Leong together with all associations with the bodies he holds position in.

I have long ago moved on but this clarification is necessary as many well wishers have called me after misunderstanding the intention as they wrongly assumed I am still bitter and am choosing to waste my time in some quarrel.

Let me assure my friends that there is no need to put one plus one together to reach three and so sorry to disappoint some others with my indifference but at this point in my life I have other priorities now and really everyone needs to look after themselves in their own way!

Limono's Statement 001Limono's Statement 002Limono's Statement 003


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