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Brunei's Yee Makes Final IM Norm

It was no surprise that FIDE Master Yee Soon Wai comfortably made his third and final IM norm at the Brunei Invitational Grandmaster Torunament held in Bandar Seri Begawan from 13-17 April 2012.

Yee has been for some time now Brunei's No.1 player (by some distance) and has been a very active participant in regional events where he has gained valuable experience through playing against numerous Grandmasters and International Masters while at the same time getting the full benefit of a personal coach in terms of both opening preparation and games analysis from their National Coach Grandmaster Tahir Vakhidov (now in his sixth year there!).

The Brunei Chess Federation has been a big supporter of the young man financially in their joint quest to have their first ever IM and he has not disappointed by making IM norms at each of the Round Robin tournaments organised each year at home to give him that extra bit of help.

It has taken sometime for the first fruits of the vision of BCF Pres…

The Brunei Invitational Grandmaster Tournament Begins!

Taking advantage of the presence of Grandmasters who played in the Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open 2012, the Brunei Chess Federation is also organising the Brunei Invitational Grandmaster Tournament immediately after from 13-17 April.

I will also be staying on as the Chief Arbiter which means it is unlikely I have any leave left to participate in the 750 Years Melaka International Chess Festival as I had earlier planned to.

Full details are at

Final Report - Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open 2012

With a last round win over Indonesian FIDE Master Pitra Andika, until then the surprise tournament leader, Grandmaster Dzhumaev Marat emerged as the champion of the Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open 2012.

It was a good day for the Uzbekistan players as young International Master Jakhongir Vakhidov also won his last round encounter against fellow IM Sharma Dinesh K from India to take second place.

The Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open 2012 was organised by the Brunei Chess Federation (BCF) at the Orchid Garden Hotel in Bandar Seri Begawan from 7-12 April with a prize fund of USD 10,000 provided by Rosneft.

Gracing the prize giving and closing ceremony was Datuk Seri Setia Awang Hazair Abdullah, Minister of Sport, Brunei with BCF President Hj Zainal Ali in attendence.

Young 13 year old Malaysian Yeoh Li Tian despite being rated 2204 proved to be the star of the event, finishing in a tie for 4th-8th places while successfully playing 4 Grandmasters, 2 International Ma…

Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open 2012 Final Standings

Full results and tournament details at

The Present vs The Future of Malaysian Chess?

Mas,Hafizulhelmi (2377) - Yeoh,Li Tian (2204) [A00]
Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open, Orchid Garden Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan (9.7), 12.04.2012 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nf6 3.d3 Nc6 4.Nc3 Bc5 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bh4 Be7 7.Bg3 d6 8.Nge2 Na5 9.f3 c6 10.a3 Nxc4 11.dxc4 0-0 12.Bf2 Be6 13.Qd3 Qa5 14.0-0 Rfd8 15.Rfd1 Rd7 16.Nd5 cxd5 17.cxd5 Bg4 18.fxg4 Nxg4 19.Qf3 Nxf2 20.Qxf2 Rc8 21.c3 Qa4 22.Qf3 Bf8 23.Nc1 Qb5 24.Nd3 g6 25.Rf1 Bg7 26.Qh3

26....Rcd8 27.Kh1 Rc7 28.Qe3 Rf8 29.Rf3

29....f5 30.Qxa7 fxe4 31.Rxf8+ Bxf8 32.Nb4 Qe2 33.Qg1 Qxb2 34.Ra2 Qb3 35.h3 Rf7 36.Qe1 Qc4 37.Re2 Rf4 38.Kg1 Kh7 39.Re3 h5 40.Qe2 Qc5 41.Kh2 Bh6 42.c4 Rh4 43.Rxe4 Rxe4 44.Qxe4 Bf4+


FIDE Rating Statistics after Round 7


Rounds 5 & 6

After 6 rounds, two thirds of the way through the Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open, there is a four way tie at the top on 4.5/6 with Tahir Vakhidov grinding down Yeoh Li Tian to join Dzhumaev Marat, Pitra Andika and Yap Kim Steven in the only decisive game amongst the leaders.

Following  at 4 is a large group, Nguyen Anh Dung, Oliver Barbosa, Siriam Jha, Dao Tien Hai, Jakhongir Vakhidov, Richard Bitoon, Sharma Dinesh K, Oliver Dimakiling and Turqueza Mari Jospeph.

Earlier in Round 5 the lead had once again changed hands when Dzhumaev Marat beat Dao Thien Hai who failed to hold the black side of the Sicilian Defence.

Joining him on 4/5 is Yap Kim Steven who inflicted the first loss on Sharma Dinesh K, and unheralded Pitra Andika who took advantage of a horrendous blunder by Oliver Dimakiling who hung a knight in a completely winning position.

The Vadkhikovs had earlier drawn quickly as did GMs Nguyen Anh Dung and Sriram Jha, of course Dao and Dumakiling, Turgueza Mari Josep…

Thanks Susan - The Kids & Their Parents Would Certainly Appreciate It!


Malaysians Upsetting GM Opponents!

Bitoon,Richard - Fong,Yit Ho [A40]
Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open, 08.04.2012 1.d4 e6 2.c4 b6 3.g3 Nf6 4.Bg2 c6 5.e4 d5 6.e5 Nfd7 7.Nc3 Ba6 8.cxd5 cxd5 9.Nge2 Bb4 10.Bd2 Nc6 11.0-0 0-0 12.Re1 Na5 13.a3 Bxe2 14.Qxe2 Bxc3 15.Bxc3 Rc8 16.Bf1 Nb8 17.Qh5 Nbc6 18.Rad1 Nc4 19.Bd3 g6 20.Qh6 b5 21.h4 a5 22.Bxc4 bxc4 23.h5 Ne7 24.g4 Kh8 25.Kg2 Ng8 26.Qd2 Ra8 27.Rh1

27....g5 28.h6 f5 29.exf6 Qxf6 30.Rh3 Qf4 31.Qxf4 Rxf4 32.f3 Rf6 33.Rdh1 Rb8 34.Rh5 Rg6 35.Kg3 a4 36.Bb4 Nf6 37.R5h2 Kg8 38.Re2 Kf7 39.Kf2 Ng8 40.Rh5 Nf6 41.Rh2 Ng8 42.Rh5 Nf6

43.Rh1 Ng8 44.Re5 Ne7 45.Bc3 Nc6 46.Re2 Rb7 47.Rh5 Rb8 48.Ke1 Rb7 49.Rf2

49....e5 50.dxe5 d4 51.Bb4 Nxb4 52.axb4 Rxb4 53.f4 a3 54.bxa3 Rb1+ 55.Ke2 Rb2+ 56.Kf3 Rxf2+ 57.Kxf2 gxf4 58.Kf3 c3 59.Ke4 Rc6 60.Rh1 c2 61.Rc1

61....f3 62.Kxd4 Ke6 63.Ke3 Kxe5 64.Kxf3 Kd4 65.g5 Kd3 66.Rg1 c1Q 67.Rxc1 Rxc1 68.Kf4 Rc6 0-1
Barbosa,Oliver - Yeoh,Li Tian [D12]Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open, 09.04.2012 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.e3 Bf5 5.Nc3 e6 6.Nh4 Be4…

Round 4

In round four, of the top four boards, three games went all the way, but the shock of the round was 13 year old Yeoh Li Tian's win over top seeded Oliver Barbosa who in the previous round had prevailed over Malaysia's top player Mas Hafizulhemi.

Young Li Tian showed great resourcefulness to refute Barbosa's attack to take home the full point against an admittedly somewhat off form player but take away nothing from his giant killing feat that Malaysians have already seen quite a few times before.

Dao Tien Hai showed his class this round to easily beat early leader Jakhongir Vakhidov and take the lead on 3.5/4 as Marat Dhumaev drew a solid Sharma Dinesh K, the elder Vakhidov had nother short drawm this time against fellow GM Nguyen Anh Dung, while Sriram Jha held Yap Kim Steven.

All results at

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Round 3

This mornings saw the first GM match-up with Dzhumaev Marat playing Sriram Jha. But as in the other top board game between Nguyen Anh Dung and Sharma Dinesh K., the Indian barricades held firm with the right balance of active play and their games all ended up drawn.

Yap Kim Steven was very happy with a short draw with Tahir Vakhidov who is also balancing organiser duties while the younger Vakhidov survived the usual complications including the throwing in of the kitchen sink attack by Oliver Dimakiling to even take the full point!

Despite having the Black pieces, Dao Thien Hai comfortably squeezed the point from Mohd Aliuddin but it took enormous risks and a time trouble blunder from top seeded Barbosa to beat the now always solid Mas Hafizulhelmi.

So Jakhongir Vakhidov is the sole leader with 3/3 with Dzhumaev, Sriram Jha, Yap, Tahir Vakhidov, Nguyen, Sharma, and Dao all on 2.5/3. But it is very early days yet with 6 more rounds to go and everything for all to play for for all in the…

Rounds 1 & 2

The first round started seemingly routine for the top seeds but after an hour of play it became obvious that getting the full point wasn't going to be so simple for some. But as is usually the case, the more experienced professionals were able to break through in the third hour of play.

Of the favourites, GMs Barbosa, Dao, Marat, Vakdhidov, and Nguyen had no problems. But the challengers found it a bit more difficult with many young Malaysians putting up a fight.

For example 11 year old Benjamin Lee was stubbornly holding on against former Filipino junior champion Mari Joseph Turqueza and after finally reaching a drawn position to record the first surprise of the day, he then decided to actually try and win and in a few moves was completely lost. Still it would have been a wonderful learning experience!

Although rated over 450 points less, teenager Fong Yit Ho did deliver the big upset the round had promised for so long with no less than a Grandmaster scalp when he outplayed Rich…

The Opening Ceremony

Hj Zainal Ali with Hj Mohd Rozan, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Sports
The Ceremonial Opening Moves!
Group Photo!

Brunei Campomanes Grandmaster Open 2012 Begins!

With 40 players from 8 countries including 7 Grandmasters, 5 International Masters and 3 FIDE Masters, the Brunei Campomanes Grandmaster Open 2012 gets underway today.

Organised by the Brunei Chess Federation from 7-12 April under the leadership of its President Hj Zainal Ali with Vice President Pg Abdul Rahman Yussof the Tournament Director (in photo on the right with Grandmaster Tahir Vakhidov distributing player allowances), the latest edition of the Campomanes Memorial was made possible through a prize fund of USD 10,000 provided by Rosneft.

Top seeded is Oliver Barbosa from the Philippines who is back for his third successive annual pilgrimage to Brunei and he is expected to have serious competition from Vietnam's Dao Thien Hai and Uzbekistan's Dzhumaev Marat and Vakhidov as well as from experienced competitors Richard Bitoon, Nguyen Anh Dung and Oliver Dimakiling.

Round by round parings and results for the 9 round Swiss Tournament will be available at http://www.chess-r…

First Saturday

If interested, do go to for details.

Several Malaysians including our very own Mas Hafizulhelmi have played successful in these events.