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Lost Generations?


This year I dropped by the National Age Groups for the first time. It was a Sunday and I had planned to watch a few games, say hello to a few people and go home but I ended up staying almost the whole day as my family decided to go to Melaka and so left me a little more free than normal.

I have always looked at the 14 year olds to provide a benchmark and what I saw was very disappointing from the perspective of seeing talent coming through because there is clearly no progress with 1800 level William Lee winning ahead of Cheong Jie Yao in a play-off.

Both of these young men whom I know well must really do a lot more for the rest of the year!


A few years ago there were hopes for the likes of Evan Capel and to some extent the rest of his generation of which Lim Zhou Ren and to a lesser extent Sumant Subramaniam could be included but now they would be more occupied with starting college.

These former U-18s are more than 2000 but much less than 2200 strength.

Arguably the…

Brunei Campomanes Open

I just got the preliminary list of foreign participants for the Brunei Campomanes Memorial Open Championship to be held from 7-12 April 2012.

According to the organisers, it is still not too late to enter and they expect quite a few more entries from Sabah and Sarawak and I know for a fact a couple more from Penang and elsewhere in West Malaysia are intending to also take part.


No NAME Title Country Rating 1 Barbosa Oliver GM PHI 2585 2 Dao Thien Hai GM VIE 2515 3 Dzhumaev Marat GM UZB 2494 4 Vakhidov Tahir GM

2012 Asian Nations Cup, 15-27 May, Zhao Zhuang, Shandong Province, China

Some time back I received a copy of the invitation sent by the organsers - Chinese Chess Association - to FIDE Affiliated Chess Federations in Asia (Zones 3.1-3.7) and waited till it was published in the FIDE website and for some response to emerge from MCF.
Well, this prestigious and very strong team competition is for both men and women but it is unfortunately held in an Olympiad year (in fact just 3 months or so before) and so it will probably be a struggle to put together a representative team even assuming the funds can be found.
Off the cuff conversations include proposing we send an U-16 or perhaps even an U-20 team or a mix of available seniors and as many young talents as possible but the closing date is the end of this month (31 March) so MCF really needs to move fast.

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