Beautiful Yangon... and that goes for the Rest of Myanmar too

Last year I was unable to attend the inaugural Campomanes Memorial (which was of course held in the Philippines) so this year I made the point of going to the second which was as a bonus, held in Yangon, Myanmar.

I was pleasantly surprised that a number of Malaysians were able to make it and that in the weeks before we were constantly on email sharing information and getting each others help.

Because I was on primarily a business trip (wasn't easy to change the dates to coincide with the chess and unfortunately I could not manage to fix it so I could play more than 5 of the 9 games which meant I got to take lots of photos, see plenty of places, and have long chats with lots of parents!).

Which meant I could also do a report as follows:

See also my tribute to Gilachess whom I had invited to join me as we are both in-between projects (he preferred to play with his iPad in Cameron Highlands and why not if you have one too?) in the photo below 

Pretty good in my opinion but certainly not to everyone's taste and which helped me understand why the Myanmar workers in KL like their Nasi Kandar! (Note that as an affluent visitor we could afford to select a number of side dishes as opposed to the standard rice, soup and simple vegetable salad that most, given their USD 30 a month income, would eat and when done at a restaurant that is indeed a special occasion).


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