Messy Minds

When organising the KL Open (and now the Raja Nazrin Shah Individual Masters & International Open 2011) each year, I am constantly amazed how so many chessplayers wishing to play just cannot do simple things like fill in the entry form.

I get players who can find me on Facebook and then messaging me that they will play. But not only do they not give me essential information to facilitate their entry such as their rating and title but they also have incredible difficulty getting out of Facebook and to the website I give them to get details of the event. (And of course they cannot understand why they need to send me an email let alone the entry form and let's not even pretend to get into making payment of the entry fee).

These chessplayers don't read very well either because they miss seeing the actual dates and the schedule and they even often ask about how to get to the website where they first saw the information about the event.

Of course there are also those who have done their homework but feel it is the organisers obligation to provide them with everything they want - be it an IM with a 2200+ rating or an FM with no standing, results or prospects. They demand or beg for conditions such as room, free entry, etc., and when they happen to be well funded professionals from India they even tell me I have to help as they will have no money because they would be coming by after campaigning in a number of events in Europe!

But there are those who take trouble to do all that is necessary. Emails are sent, forms are filled, and they are prompt and polite. And very often they are the top players and real professionals, basically the guys who win the event and if not, who always do well.

Contrast this to the messy minds of the nobodies (I am using this term in the best possible way) or even those "superstars" who get by somehow but somehow have not achieved all that they could and wonder why if you must.

I at least understand what the difference is!


  1. I don't think it's smart of you to generalize one's manners and behaviour based on their rating. It's a different matter altogether.


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