Thailand Open 2011

I made it! I actually managed to get to the Thailand Open that is being held from 11-17 April at the Dusit Thani in Pattaya.

Unfortunately I won't be able to stay to the end - although Pattaya has developed somewhat beyond being very much a long strip joint by the beach, it is still very much that kind of place - but the hotel is really excellent (the room I am staying in reminds me of the near apartment size accommodation I used to enjoy while in the USA) and I still can't get over a chess tournament hijacking an entire ballroom of a 5-6 star hotel for over a week.

The Thailand Open has some 140 participants from 32 countries, a statistic which very much what one should expect from a country that is embraces tourists, but 10 GMs, 14 IMs, and 16 FMs also makes for rather decent chess!

However there are very clear favourites. Besides adopted son Nigel Short and defending champion Sune Berg Hansen returning, the organisers have their first 2700+ player in Spain's Francisco Pons Vallejo and all three are joined by another 2600+ in German Jan Gustafsson.  But do see for the full list of participants.


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