Tired... after all chess does not imitate life

If I forgot why I left chess and moved on 16 years ago, the last four (4) years has been a constant reminder!

Looking back, I remember that in 1993 I felt that I had achieved all that was possible in chess for me and even though until 1995 I still did a few things like write a series of columns for The Sun (a brand new publication then!) and even played in the Asian Team Championship when it was held in KL, I had all but quit, having given away a massive library of books accumulated since I started playing at 13 years of age.

Well, to quit today is too harsh a word and not quite correct either given I still have obligations with the KLCA and also to Polgar Chess Asia which I will have to continue to fulfill and support as best I can.

But at the end of the day, not that it is wrong or something one can have issue with, I will remind myself that anyone in chess in a serious way, be it self appointed official, mediocre coach, famous/top player, parent of  latest "GM talent" and of course the emerging new and uniquely Malaysian category of "chess blogger", for them chess has become everything - their life, even status to die for - and that I have to remember this when being asked "to help" as their starting point assumes you share their self serving values/perspectives and that you are also expected to agree to their rather obvious hidden agendas!


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